Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It Rained!!

We measured .69" of rain yesterday. Nearly seven tenths isn't enough to restore us to non-drought conditions, but will stave off the early demise of my garden and just make everyone feel better. The children and I stayed at home most of the day being totally non-productive. We played games, read, watched the rain, and did just enough work to keep the farm going. We need a few more days just like yesterday.

I'll write something interesting later, maybe.


Becky said...

Yay! I love the rain when it finally comes for the enforced, much-needed rest for the family as much as for the water the plants need.

I hate to say it, especially after all those years of drought up here, but this year we're on the verge on having *too much* rain. Why oh why must it always be fast or famine. The crops are starting to yellow, though my gardens, flower and vegetable -- in well-draining raised beds -- are more gorgeous than they've ever been, and the rain is a boon to our newly-planted saplings (all #$%! 2,500 of them!). And everyone is saying that the lilacs, flowering trees, and wildflowers are the best they've been in years.

Hope the rain continues regularly down there...

mull-berry said...

Just curious ... which climate do you prefer? MS (long summer) vs IL (short summer). If you could pick up your land and move it to the ideal climate ... where would that be? LOL

Melora said...

I love the way the air is nice and clean after a good rain. And a rainy day spent inside, as long as there aren't too many in a row, and we didn't have an outing planned. I hope your plants are happy now.
I made your Banana Pudding -- yummy! What size dish do you use?

wisteria said...

If I could pick up and move my farm anywhere I would move it just a little farther north, but not all the way to Chicagoland. I'm Southern through and through and would like to stay in the South. Maybe just one planting zone north. Chicago summers are delicious, though!!

Melora, I use a deep 9" x 9" pan.

wisteria said...

Oh Becky, We lost our saplings in our reforestation project. They were just too far away from the water source and too many of them to keep watered. I'm glad you are getting the rain you need to keep yours going.

The weather people are predicting rain again next week, so maybe we are out of this crazy drought.