Saturday, May 10, 2008

An omen?

We are just wrapping up a performance week for Princess. With stagings, dress rehearsal, practice and what nots, I have driven to Jackson almost every day this week. Tuesday, the one day Princess didn't need to be there, K had tennis. Monday, as I was getting dressed, I could find only one foundation garment without holes and reminded myself to take care of that problem one day this week in Jackson. Thursday, I put on a bra that had been sprung, if you know what I mean. The fabric had lost its resiliency. The straps were only flimsy reminders of what once had been. I had no choice but to wear the thing because no laundry had been done this week and I had forgotten to replenish my stock.

By the time we got to Jackson, my shoulders were screaming. I saw a red target and saw it as a liberator. I drove across three lanes of traffic, hurdled up the off ramp, and wheeled into what I believed would be foundation heaven.

My 12 year old son, said "Oh, mom do you have to do this now?" I assured him I did. My 8 year old daughter skipped around choosing totally inappropriate items for me and herself. For summer I prefer foundation garments to be heavy on cotton and heavy on support. In Mississippi, it gets hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!! And isn't gardening a sport? So, I wasn't all that excited by the orange, yellow, red, and green nylon models. I wanted basic. I wanted white. I wanted comfort.

After totally alienating my son and disappointing my daughter, I found some potential candidates - only one of my size and popped it in my cart.

Yesterday morning, I donned the garment. Something seemed odd about the way the inside was made, but the fit and fabric were right. I ripped the tag off. Later in the day, when I was sitting at a computer in town working, I had an epiphany. Furtively I slipped my hand inside the edge of my shirt, felt for the join between the strap and the cup. Yep, there it was. A clasp. A clasp that would provide easy access.

Omen? Gosh, I hope not.


ZILLA said...

A nursing bra?!?!?!?!


Let's recap this the critical events of this post:

Your old bra gets sprung.

The entire state of Mississippi gets (oh, my!) "hot hot hot hot hot."

Of course you bought a nursing bra!


(Seriously, Target's bra buyers could use a dose of practicality, couldn't they? I switched to a brand Target carries, for the price, after Zenzi chewed her third VS bra to shreds. It's even harder to find basic, white comfort at Target than it is at VS. When it comes to bras, comfort trumps fashion, every time!)

Angela said...

Oh my, that is quite an omen! Thanks for the giggle, and happy mother's day!

mull-berry said...

I get it ... only thanks to zilla! Lol!

Torben BoP said...

mmm you can always lay it aside for fathers day.


fineartist said...

Heheh heh.

That happens when you're in a hurry and you have kids running around, one trying to heap loads of stuff in your cart and the other willing you to leave with his mind.

At least those nursing bras are comfortable!

m~ said...

LOL! Sorry, but that is so funny.
I'm totally with you on the heat and humidity unfortunelly my girls require me to go to Lane Bryant and yes, I must have a wire or I will have a massive uni-boob.


Wisteria said...

I laughed at myself again this morning when I, again, even knowing what I know, chose to wear my new purchase.

I will be incredibly careful not to need it.

When I was a young girl, I worked part time at my grandparent's general store. They had foundation garments in boxes under the counter. I was excruciatingly embarrassed when someone needed a bra or panties. They would ask for a size, remove it from the box, and hold it up for all the world to see. They seemed enormous and strictly practical. I wished they would be a bit more discreet.

When I am less rushed, I will shop for a less scary foundation garment that is like this one only without the nursing elements.


Kate in NJ said...

LOL! Happy Mother's Day!