Saturday, May 17, 2008

Decluttering becomes Major Reorganization - As Usual

I'm taking a break. This morning, inspired by the guests arriving Thursday, I decided to deschool the kitchen and declutter my office. I started with the office because its state of disorder has rendered it a place to enter only in emergency situations and this is not the way you need to feel about a space when it provides you your sole source of income.

I literally needed a manure scoop to get in the room, so I started there. Quickly, I realized that the problems with the room and the source of the clutter and garbage were:
  1. Poor arrangement making everything too difficult to use
  2. Too many wires puddled under the desk making sweeping improbable
  3. Poor view adding to a depressing atmosphere
  4. Too much stuff in this small room.
I, then, pulled the filing cabinet, table, computer, scanner, printer, and shelving into the hall and started fresh. I wanted to call a carpenter, but restrained myself until after the company is gone.

Now that everything is back into the room, which is still too small, I have a view of my patio and farm which will certainly improve the ambiance. The wires are hidden. Clutter is abated.

I might be able to work on Monday.

Perhaps, I'll even blog more.

Now, for the kitchen.


ZILLA said...

You completed a room! Congratulations, you won!

In my defense, I've partnered myself with a paid geek to revamp & update MrZ's office technology while he's away in New Zealand. All day yesterday, and hopefully only a half day today, then an unrelated all-day trip Monday, and I'll be back in the running for Domestic High Priestess on Tuesday.

Isn't your office the room with the fabulously colorful home-sewn curtains?

I'll be with you in spirit as you tackle the kitchen -- I think that's one of the most gratifying rooms to whip into shape!

Angela said...

Good for you! The cathartic aftermath of a cleaned space....ahh! I have convinced my family that I love that feeling so much that I purposely let the clutter build up over the months so I can experience it fully again! Ha!

Kate in NJ said...

Awesome! I have so much de-cluttering to do here.

Melora said...

Okay, now I must declutter. Though I could declutter til the cows come home and I still wouldn't have a view of anything but tree tops and sky from this desk. (What kind of dingbats design a big back room with all the windows four feet plus above the floor?)