Friday, April 25, 2008

Bourbon Reds

Our ten Bourbon Red heritage turkeys arrived yesterday from Ideal Poultry, packed with ten miscellaneous chicks to prevent jostling and to provide warmth.

Cute, cute, cute!

They are warming under their electricity sucking heat lamp in their brand new turkey house. Isn't it funny how you think you are ready for something - facility perfect, food and watering ready - and then when the post office calls at 7:30, you have to run around like a maniac stringing extension cords for the lamp that needs a new bulb, build a retaining wall to keep the now tiny chicks from leaving the facility that you thought was perfect. When the chicks arrive is when you notice the crack in the door seating that will most certainly allow varmint entrance. Now is the time you realize that a dividing wall is completely necessary, not just optional. Now is the time you realize the waterers that you use only when you have bitties are cracked and won't hold water.

Now is the time you realize you weren't as organized and on top of things as you gave yourself credit for being. Now is the time to panic.

But, aren't they cute and won't they be delicious in November?

We will eat all of these birds except for one breeding pair. Hopefully, a turkey can be the mama next year.


mull-berry said...

"to prevent jostling and to provide warmth"

The purpose of my life at times! : )

Kate in NJ said...


ZILLA said...

Seems we're in a cycle of "one step up, two steps back" this month, doesn't it!

They are adorable, and nothing beats home grown turkey on the Thanksgiving table.

Becky said...

aren't they cute and won't they be delicious in November?

Spoken like a true farmer! And they are cute, aren't they?

For the past couple of years, we've been fostering the 50 or so chicks hatched out at the country fair in July. One year it was broilers, last year it was layers, so we don't really need any more chicks. But I like to have some babies around so I think I may set some eggs under one of the broodier hens and let nature its course.

Susan T. said...

Turkeys and little chicks! Aren't you lucky! We'd love to have some more chickens, but two are just about perfect for the backyard.

Angela said...

They are adorable! Can you save my nature study class a some feathers come plucking time? So much better than a picture!