Monday, December 17, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

Forgive me, for I have been negligent. Twenty days have passed since my last blog entry.

I think every member of my family who reads my blog has asked me why I haven't posted. My aunt even called my mother to get the scoop. My mother even suggested that if I have no intention of writing then I should at least tell every one so they will not continue to expect. m~ has emailed, asking what is happening. Zilla's post, though I'm sure she wasn't speaking directly to me, made me feel obligated to entertain since we are not yet in the grips of winter.

Here are my excuses. In the past 20 days:
  1. I have produced and packaged 20 dozen pieces of biscotti.
  2. I have produced dozens of frosted sugar cookie stockings for the Nutcracker soldiers and Chinese, complete with cute personalized gift tags.
  3. I have created and printed Christmas cards for 4 people for a total of 475 cards and mine are not even the cutest, so I won't get the best Christmas card award(a sister competition) this year.
  4. I have dipped candles until my right arm is sore.
  5. I have moved and stacked wood for the fireplaces until my back is sore.
  6. I have made chicken soup for a sick friend. I had to clean the rooster first.
  7. I have eaten so much sugar that I feel lethargic and unable to complete sentences.
  8. I have finished my Christmas shopping, well almost.
  9. My washing machine quit while completely full of water. They had to order a part.
  10. I have produced enough cupcakes and multi-colored royal icing for an entire cub scout pack Christmas party.
  11. I have a job that sometimes takes more time than scheduled.
  12. I cleaned my kitchen and even tossed some four year old food magazines.
  13. My husband decided now would be a good time to finish the bathroom (the only bathroom in the house so far) only three years after we moved here and two weeks from Christmas.
Though I promised an amusing post today, it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Am I forgiven?


ZILLA said...

I'm the one who needs forgiving, for needling you into posting. Yes, YOU specifically, along with one or two others. You are always doing something interesting, even when you're not at your busiest, and I was in Wisteria Withdrawal!

Of all your "excuses," my favorite is "I have made chicken soup for a sick friend. I had to clean the rooster first." Most people I know would have had to write, "I took chicken soup to a sick friend. I had to wash the can opener first."


Though you wouldn't dream of availing yourself of the typical conveniences during the holidays, you will soon enjoy the convenience of a finished bathroom! I'm hoping MrW preserved an antique claw footed soaking tub for you. (Got Epsom Salts?)

Hang in there, Wisteria, Twelfth Night is coming!

m~ said...

Well, I guess your forgiven this time, but don't let it happen again;)

Angela said...

I have missed you dear; glad to hear you are keeping sane through all the holiday hub-bub.

I hope you will be able to relax soon, although probably not in the bathroom for a while.

Wisteria said...

I have availed myself of the large, claw footed soaking tub even with the odor of paint and my inability to find any of my bath stuff, including the Epsom Salts.

My sister read my list and suggested that I forgot a few things. I did, but I'm still having fun.

I also feel gratified that I was missed. Thanks for the kind words.

Kate in NJ said...

I have missed you !
I have been unable to do laundry due to a plumbing issue we have been unable to fix and are unwilling to call the plumber for as of yet.