Thursday, December 20, 2007


We've got more than a few cats. In fact, I am embarrassed to tally (2+1 +3 +2 + 3 +1 or Tux + Big Puff (Buchoochus) + Out of Focus + Dinghy + Rocky + McSquizzy + Tar Baby + Stub + Zilla + Dumpling + BarBar + Bumble Bee) the figure because speaking the number would make it real. The other thing that makes it real is the tally of vet bills for spaying and neutering. Ouch.

Rubber Dinghy, the cat pictured at right(photo credit goes to K, my budding photographer son), is one of six cats who has reached his six month birthday. I just called to make the appointments and the receptionist had that voice - you know the one, I've used it myself - that indicates that we don't do our part in the spaying and neutering war. She must be new, because our charts show lots of neutering. We've even neutered cats who don't belong to us if they stuck around more than a few days. Anyway because of the voice, I made sure to mention we were a dumping place for kittens and that all of the kittens weren't produced here by our failure to neuter.

Now, why did I feel compelled to share that information? What difference does it make what that girl thinks? Perhaps, she wasn't even thinking what I thought she was thinking. Perhaps she was already tallying the bill and was rendered speechless. Yet, I didn't want anyone to think I was responsible for all those kittens, so said more than required. Do y'all do that (say more than is required to preserve your image or assuage some deep seated guilt) - not just about cats, but about anything?


ZILLA said...

Funny you should ask. Just this morning, in fact, I gave more than the necessary information so I wouldn't look like an irresponsible, negligent, unethical jerk.

Spent half an hour consulting (in person) with the PetsMart vet, who doesn't know me from Adam, because I figure he's got a good heart and would let me pick his brain for free when I couldn't get "clearance"to take a "certain dog" in to his vet, and I would have been mortified to explain the current situation to Zenzi's vet. Then I spent another fifteen minutes consulting with the Walmart pharmacist about the same situation because I didn't want to have to explain anything at all to MY pharmacist who would have asked questions just as a matter of polite conversation. If I had had to answer even the friendliest questions from my own Pharmacist, I'd've blown a gasket and he'd've suggested I go see my MD and beg for a bottle of Xanax.

I don't like to "look bad" any more than I like to "meddle," but, darn tootin' I'll do both if it prevents "the worst" from happening at Christmas :-)

You've got one kitty for every day of Christmas! I'm in love with Dinghy. He has made my day!

(I hope your vet gives you a professional courtesy discount ... ouch!)

Wisteria said...

Z, I'm glad you are thinking of the dog.

Maybe the 12 kitties of Christmas could be next year's card. I'll start thinking.

Kate in NJ said...

Oh yes,my DH on the other hand
is the "strong silent type"...aka
man who just stares at people without
expression if they dare to ask any questions he feels too personal, which depending on his mood could be
anything. :-)
I also hope you get a discount of some kind..any kind actually.
You deserve it!
Happy Christmas!!