Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tidbit from Sunday

As my husband so cleverly quipped, "Well, that was worth at least one trip to the emergency room. I wonder whether it will be you or one of the children."

I vowed to keep my feet on the floor just to prove I have some self control, but I have been sorely tempted to try a round off or flying lay-out so that when I land perfectly I can throw my hands up and yell, "Heh!" I suppose a home trapeze and tight rope are out of the question.

We went to the circus on Sunday for a fun, old-fashioned show. The Ringling Gold Show, An Upside Down World, is a small one ring only circus. The idea is to get the audience closer and have more interaction with them. Of course there were bad seats (not ours), but the show seemed warm and personal.

Personal is great, but I wanted the tents and animal smells. I wanted three rings and dust flying. But the modern circus show wasn't completely disappointing and I left ready to cartwheel across the parking lot.


Melora said...

I hadn't thought about it before, but my children have never been to a circus. When I was a kid, we went to Ringling Bros/Barnum & Bailey (I think that is right?) quite a few times. Then we didn't go anymore. Did circuses go out of style in the late 1970's? Weird. (Was it something to do with cruelty to elephants, maybe?)

I think my kids would get a kick out of a circus, if the chance every comes along. My brain still likes the idea of cartwheels and handstands, but my aged body knows better.

Wisteria said...

The animals in this show looked fabulous! And healthy, well-fed, and loved. My sister told me that the other Ringling Brothers shows were bigger and more spectacular. This one reminded me, except for the female singing host, of an circus before the motorcycles in a steel globe and other large, scary stunts.

They must have gone out of style. We didn't go after the mid-70's and my area isn't that stylish.

I've had a few emergency room visits because I forgot that my body was less supple than in years past. Sometimes shear joy can be dangerous.

Melora said...

It really sounds fun. I'll be keeping an eye out now for a passing circus!
The last time I forgot my years and did a cartwheel I was Shocked by how hard the ground was.