Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Amen Section

Rain has found us and the weeds have responded by raising their hands(fronds) to the sky and shouting hallelujah! This morning I waded through a waist high congregation to get to the chosen plants who are rejoicing in their own way by giving generously. Standing tall over the whole assembly is the multi-ethnic Amen section in sunflower varieties so stunningly colorful that it is impossible not to smile.

Even their demure, slightly bowed heads cannot hide their rowdy demeanor. So as I commune with my joyful plants while passing the collection basket, I cast my eyes towards the amen section for encouragement and a BIG SMILE.


mull-berry said...

Beautiful! What variety is the middle photo?

Glad you got some rain.

wisteria said...

I knew you would ask a hard question. Of course I don't know. I bought the Sunflower collection at Johnny's Seeds. I, needless to say, am thrilled with the results. I will buy an extra pack of Big Smile next year, but will plant the assortment again. Every week I get a new surprise.

The fancy one is Giant Sungold.

Here is the link to the information.

mull-berry said...

Thanks! Are their sunflower seeds under all that fluff? It's absolutely stunning!

Wisteria said...

The Sungolds just appeared this week so they haven't gotten seedy yet. When they do, I'll let you know.

Kate in NJ said...

Beautiful! Something ate every single sunflower we planted (we used the Johnny's collection as well), so much for growing a "sunflower house" for our Princess. :-(