Friday, October 31, 2008


I'll come back to the bee fun tomorrow because I have so much to say and y'all are giving me an excuse to drone on and on by asking questions.

But. . .

Today, we are going to a haunted house, and making popcorn balls and gingerbread cookies. Last night we carved the pumpkins. Then, K experimented with nighttime photography with some fiery results.

We had more time for experiments than the beginning of our day suggested. My hometown has a thing about changing holidays for convenience. At the beginning of the week, trick-or-treating was scheduled for Thursday night because of the football game on Friday. Thursday, early a.m., found me frantically trying to finish costumes and homemade treats. When I finished and delivered the payroll later in the day, I found that the school decided they would rather a few children miss the ballgame and not have the candy-crazed children in the classroom on Friday, so the town changed trick-or-treating to Friday. I agree. Let the parents handle the children drugged with artificial colors and flavors.

Yes, my natural foods obsession interferes with Halloween. I let the children go to a few houses for the fun of the see and be seen moments of Halloween costuming fun, but then they can trade their artificial candy for some non-toxic varieties. They may choose to eat a few yucky things and I let them, but honestly, my children choose natural treats most of the time because they just taste better.


Melora said...

I like your pumpkin picture & am glad you are back (since the long-running pear post!). My eye doctor just told me that my current eye problems are due to allergies, so I may give the honey idea a try.

Anonymous said...

Cool pumpkins. I ration the halloween candy and we always end up throwing lots of it out. I have never gone with it being in the control of kids. And we eat so few sweets that there isn't a lot of demand.

Wisteria said...

The best thing about these pumpkins is that I didn't have to stick my hand inside. My children didn't need and didn't want any help. In fact, they carved my pumpkin, too.

We eat too many sweets, usually homemade. I have try to limit, but I find that I have a sweet tooth as much as the children.

Melora, I think the honey will help.

Angela said...

Great pumpkins, and shot! HOpe you all had a great time....

zilla said...

Pun intended, right?

My kids weren't into it this year, which is kind of a relief, and kind of ... well, time flies.

Younger Eena found me carving an Obam-o-lantern, raised her eyebrow, said, "That figures. What are you passing out this year, campaign buttons?"

MrZ was in charge of candy, so it was Reese's and Hershey's, his & Beanpole's favorites.

We had seven trick-or-treaters, up two from last year.

Thanksgiving is still my favorite of all the holidays because I can cook the meal blind-folded and the leftovers are fabulous!

Kate in NJ said...

Happy Halloween!!
Great pictures. We didn't carve this year...our pumpkins are for eating.

sheila said...

I am aghast that your town changes holidays. Isn't that a little arbitrary of them?

Love the white pumpkin.