Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thank You!

Zilla has once again shown compassion in the true Dickensian manner. I received an envelope with cash for the fund raiser at the Dixie National Trail Ride. I believe they earned $900 for the two meals the group served during the ride. This weekend there will be another fund raiser with barbecue chicken plates and fiddle music. If Zilla were here, she could eat, tap her foot, and maybe even try a little square dancing or clogging, all in the name of kindness.

I will forward the gift to the appropriate people. Thanks!!


ZILLA said...

Glad to help in any small way.

Rosin up the bows -- I'll be wearing my red clogs all weekend!

m~ said...

Hey, are you on hiatus again? How's the farm? Let us know what's going on inquiring minds want to know.