Friday, February 08, 2008


We are in the rainy season here in Mississippi. Though the longer term effects of this rain are aquifers full of water, lush growth for spring, and full streams and rivers after a drought year, the short term effect is a lot of fungi. Thanks to K for all of these pictures. Isn't he doing a great job?

These are shelf fungi on one of the dead, eighty year old pecan trees we have left for the woodpeckers, but no matter where you look fungus is everywhere. We are staying just warm enough to produce a bumper crop.

Mushrooms, anyone?


Susan T. said...

oh, nice photographs! I like to take pictures of mushrooms, too.

My mom says the daffodils are up in Jackson. Hard to believe. We're probably six weeks away from that.

I'm so glad y'all have plenty of rain.

ZILLA said...

You've out Georgia O'Keefed Georgia O'Keefe with that top photo.

Are these edible?

(Do you even care? :-))

Wisteria said...

The daffodils are starting here. I love this time of the year.

I'm not sure about these, perhaps I should try.

Becky at Farm School said...

They're beautiful. K is doing a great job.

Are they edible?

m~ said...

Cool picts!
My FIL, down in the Swan City, hasn't mentioned any flowers, just rain and even some hail. Central Arkansas is dull and grey right now.
I'm afraid to plant anything we had a freeze at Easter last year and almost lost everything.