Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Moment of Perfection

A couple of days ago, while lying in my warm bed with flannel sheets, comforter, and a perfect quilt just as the light was changing, I was listening to the rain on our old tin roof and thinking just how perfect that moment was. As soon as I had the thought, our rogue rooster, Sport, started announcing his superiority from the cedar tree outside the window, then the bull that injured his hoof in the line of duty started bellowing from what sounded like kitchen. He wasn't, just in the catch pen behind the house. At that point, I knew I had to gather my reserve and slip my feet from under the warm covers and onto the cold floor of a house heated with wood. I had to stoke the fire. I had to break the ice on the water troughs, bottle feed a calf, release the chickens, and set out hay. I had to move, for day had arrived.

But for that one short moment, life was more perfect than any romantic farm ideal.


ZILLA said...

Oh, I love those feelings of warm, peaceful stillness just before day breaks. One reason I became an early riser was to take those feelings as far with me into the day as possible. If I manage to get the coffee brewed and savor the first cup before it's time to nudge the second earliest riser (Zenzi, of course), then I always have a better day.

I don't think I'd ever beat Sport's internal clock as mine is set for 5am!

Do you have some nice fleece-lined slippers? I prefer cold feet to slippers, but Myrt would never get out of bed without hers.

(PS I like my neighbor & hope it was clear I was making fun of myself as much as I was making fun of her. Cabin fever is bringing out the goofball in me...)

Wisteria said...

I'm not much on slippers. I keep forgetting and wearing them outside. Mud sort of ruins the effect of warm, snuggly slippers. I will pull on socks before donning my Berk garden shoes for the trek to the coop.

I loved your post and think your neighbor is lucky.

Angela said...

Those golden moments are too few and far between on a busy farm, I imagine. They seem to be too far between here in the city, too. Glad you were able to have one!

Kate in NJ said...

Sounded heavenly right up to the
Hope you had a glorious day!

Becky at Farm School said...

That sounds like a delightful way to start the day. The sun is starting to rise earlier, around 8. I can't wait to have it shining already when I wake up.

musemater said...

You put me in mind of mornings of my schooldays in winter huddled by the wood burning stove in my grandma's and grandpa's house.

Wisteria said...

If I had been in bed at 8 a.m. I would have been in heaven. Our days are getting longer, too. I think I was lounging at fiveish.

m~ said...

I'm so glad our cock went in the pot, it's nice and quite with just the girls.
I guess you're still planning on catching the rogue and putting him in the pot too.
Did y'all enjoy the snow?
I've been having to help the kids with the girls in the morning because the water is frozen. I don't wear slippers either, we have to wear our galoshes in the mud around here.
Glad to see you're blogging again. I bet you enjoyed Indianola. I could sure go for some pecans.