Thursday, September 06, 2007


Caw! CAWW- CAWW! caw-CawW! aw-aw-aw-caw!

The crows have arrived. Every rooster crow is punctuated by a CAW. Every squeak of the gate is preceded by a caw-caw-caw. Every bark is interrupted by Caw-caw. Every step is accompanied the cacophony of caws.

Fall is here. The crow tells me.

No, the temperatures haven't dropped, not much anyway. Yes, the humidity is still oppressive. But early in the morning I feel what the crows tell me.

The crow says it is Fall - the time of collecting and preparing. Yet, they don't come because it's Fall per se, they come for a feast - a nutilicious feast. The pecans are full, yet still green and the crows show up in hordes to eat - to prepare for the winter.

Because the Summer is dead.


ZBTzahBTzoo said...

Aw ... summer will return! It will!!

Kate in NJ said...

I've never seen a "green" pecan.
Tell the crows to wait, I'm not done with Summer yet! ;-)

Melora said...

So that is what pecans look like on a tree! I hope the crows leave you some.

Wisteria said...

I'm anxious for Fall, actually. I need a break from heat. I'm dying to fling open the doors and breathe deeply. Fall here isn't as great here as it is up north, but any non-searing breeze is welcome.

We have a lot of pecans. I doubt it is possible for the crows to eat them all or even most. When they get thick, I send K out to make some noise with his 410.