Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Beach Pictures

My children and I had a wonderful short vacation a couple of weeks ago and I was so pleased with the pictures that I had to share a few. We love the off-season even though "our" beach is not as heavily trafficked during the season as the less remote beaches in town. Though the water is usually a bit on the cool side and the beaches and shallows haven't fully taken on their summer beach smoothness, seeing the beach naturally, without all the garbage people leave behind, is much more satisfying. We are spoiled rotten and we know it.

The water's ever changing bands of color are completely mesmerizing. With movements of the sun, moon, and clouds, the view is rarely the same - think hypnotic lava lamp with horizontal stripes. I would guess any of the variations would be difficult to capture on canvas. I wonder if there is Fibonacci at work.

We followed this lame plover down the beach for a mile trying to get a perfect picture. Obviously, I didn't get it, but we enjoyed watching her feed on the edge of the water with an amazing ability to skirt the foam. Even with her injured leg she did better at staying dry than we. I should institute a must wear a swimsuit on the beach rule so I wouldn't have to wash so many clothes, but I would have to punish myself for non-compliance because the cool wind of the early season begs for more clothes.

Plovers were busy "fishing" on the water's edge while humans and brown pelicans shared gulf fishing. The waters were calm on the last two days of our stay and we saw many smaller boats trawling and casting. I really like the old wooden boats. The shapes seem more artistic and more natural than the loud, fast, shiny, fiberglass Brobdingnagian monuments to excess.

Naturally, when we go to the beach we search for shells. I find that I always look for the perfect example of a specific type. My children look for interesting shape, color, texture or type. I'm trying to be more like my children. We took way too many pictures of shells - again, seeking perfection.

I'll leave you with the sun setting behind the dunes and the neighbor's flag.


Kate in NJ said...

You captured some great moments on film! We've got shells every where from our last trip down the shore,
but I haven't been able to capture a good picture of them.

Melora said...

Wow. Those are gorgeous pictures! I love the shells.
I think it is fair to say that children (who will get wet and sandy) must wear bathing suits, and grown-ups (who are more sensible, being as how they do the laundry) get to wear clothes.