Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Garden Fence

A garden fence is a must have hardscape of the farm yard, especially if you have yard birds running amok. We have over twenty chickens (I'm scared to count because I don't want to know how out of hand I've become) and one pet turkey that would love to scratch out all the seedlings, peck any emerging produce, and feast at the compost bin.

This year, instead of just protecting the crops, we have a sight to behold. A riot of almost white, pink roses. We had roses last year, but not this huge wall of color. We have about 30 feet of pink.

These are old roses that I took from my mother's yard. I clipped five pieces three years ago. Now, I get to enjoy the amazing scent of thousands of roses as I hoe, plant, and harvest. I get to sit in the kitchen and enjoy the bouquets Princess clips, and I get to enjoy the shocking display every time I step out the back door.

Some of life's greatest pleasures cost nothing. Enjoy!


Kate in NJ said...


zilla said...


Did you use root hormone, or do climbers root readily without it?

zilla said...

I do believe you got exactly what you hoped for!