Friday, January 30, 2009

Daffodils, Accidental Felting, and Winter Excitement

As is my custom, I like to recognize the first daffodil of the year. For some reason, seeing that yellow bloom, even if the weather is stinky, makes me feel like spring is drawing nigh. My spirits soar. I begin piddling in the dirt, ordering seeds, and making plans. The power of that first flower is awesome.

Though my spirits are rising, the temperatures are all over the place. A few weeks ago, I found this pattern and knitted a version for my cold feet that don't like shoes. I made them out of a wool and llama blend. I immediately wanted a happier color, but brown is practical. Anyway, I loved my Moc-A-Socs. I frisked about my house like a sprite with my hardly noticeable foot warmers. Then disaster struck. I accidentally washed and dried them. They were stuck in my pants legs. Now, my wonderful new Moc-A-Socs are smaller, stiffer, and hotter. The biggest disaster was that I had to disassemble my lint ducting and outside vent because of my sloppy washing routine. I didn't have time for dryer repair and maintenance because of my crazy single farming schedule and because we are hosting the Dixie National Trail Ride, again.

The riders will pull in Sunday afternoon. I don't have to cook for the 300 cowboys. The fundraiser was so successful last year that the group asked to borrow the kitchen for another needy family. We aren't riding either. We never do, but a lot of the town seems to be participating this year. I was at the hardware this afternoon and they were doing a steady business in saddle repair, bridle bits, and reins. The Colombian man who lives at the sale barn is so excited for the diversion that he wanted to invite relatives. My attitude must be wrong, because I just don't get it. I do have my battery charged so I can snap a few pictures.

I'll be able to write more after the weekend. I have finished the W-2s, the quarterly reports, Workman's Comp audit, and other stinky end of year chores. I also mailed the last Christmas presents today. I know I should be ashamed. Next week I'll mail my Christmas cards.


zilla said...

You could draw red & pink hearts on the Christmas card envelope flaps and get two holidays out of one stamp!

MrZ has been bugging me to come back to the office half-days, and the headache of the annual audit is something I forgot to consider. That item goes into the "cons" column, right before the annual meeting with the close-talking coffee-breathed health insurance agent who used to seem to think we were on hugging terms.

I hope all of your trees and shrubs wintered over okay -- especially that stunning white-flowered one you posted a picture of a year or so ago, and the roses. Fingers crossed for your roses!

Love the Moc-a-socs. I'm actually wearing slippers for the first winter ever! It's been THAT cold!

Anonymous said...

I will refrain from swearing about your daffodil because it is sunny. -20C but sunny. :-P

The mocs looks lovely. That washing issue sounds like something I'd do.

Becky said...

Thank you for that daffodil. There won't be any here for months. But at least the days are getting longer!

My Christmas cards, the four or five I'm sending to friends in Europe, haven't gone out either...

Stay warm :)