Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Was Attacked by Frosty the Snowman

Believe it or not, I was attacked by Frosty the Snowman. Well, not the whole, "all a livin'" Frosty, but a small piece of him. Snow, in the South, can cause all sorts of strange behaviors. We had tons of big, juicy, snowflakes that fell on well saturated, but not frozen ground and the natives went crazy for the 14 hours the snow lasted. We made snowmen, though they were quite dirty. The snow just wasn't deep enough to give full coverage to the just falling leaves and the rain saturated ground, but we made snowmen and have the pictures to prove it.

Anyway, a couple of days after The Big Snow, I started on my annual cookie baking fest by making dough. One of the recipes called for pecans. Since we have about 20 gallons of pecans in various freezers, I opened the freezer in the kitchen and started digging around to see if I had any in there (so I wouldn't have to walk to the shed), when, !#@BAM!#*%, Frosty hit me on the top of the head. All went black and stars were swirling.

After a few seconds, I recovered enough to look around to see what hit me, then I stormed out of the house to see who was responsible. Apparently one of my children thought it would be a good idea to store a miniature (12" tall) Frosty in the freezer until summer. Frosty and the plate on which he was sitting fell from the top part of the freezer and hit me right on the top of my head.

Can you believe Frosty would do such a thing?


Anonymous said...

We got a rare snowstorm here in Portland, Oregon, too. But unlike your snow, ours is still on the ground and more is due tomorrow and Sunday. Usually when we get this weather it's gone in a day or two.

When I was a kid we had dime-sized hail once (another Oregon rarity) so I scooped some up and stuck it in the freezer. But I never tried to save a snowman that way.

zilla said...


I love the pictures.

I feel all warm and happy inside, that y'all got a little taste of typical northern winter fun!!!

(but, OUCH!)

Kate in NJ said...

I'm happy you are ok, shocked at Frosty's behavior, and glad we got a bit of snow Yesterday, or I would really be upset that you had some and it was 65 degrees here. This Global Warming stuff is getting to me.

Yolanda said...

There is nothing like a MS snowman is there. I lived there for a very long time.

Angela said...

Too funny! But I can certainly commiserate with your children for wanting to keep him around. Maybe he was just eager to say hello! Merry Christmas, dear!