Friday, November 07, 2008

Hidden Picture

Can you find the pecans? Seriously, you can't walk without crunching one, but when you are harvesting you can't see them until you hear the crunch. When people come to the house, they rarely make it inside, not that I want anyone to see the mess. They stand in the yard, pick up pecans two by two and crack them, then eat - one of the pleasures of fall.

The chickens love them, too. As do the squirrels and crows.

Even so, we have collected bags full. We took one bag to the co-op and had it cracked. Now, every night we pick pecans, sitting on either side of a huge dishpan, competing, talking, thinking.


Kate in NJ said...

That is so cool, we don't have any nut trees.

JoVE said...

I live too far north for that, but I LOVE pecans. I guess you'd just have to bring me the lemonade out on the porch to go with the fresh nuts. :-)

zilla said...

I know what pecans really mean.

Nutcracker practice.

I'm going to miss you so much!

Wisteria said...

Actually, Nutcracker practice started a month ago, maybe a little over. I've been driving to Jackson 3+ times each week. The practices will intensify though. Tomorrow she rehearses from 10 to 3:30. There is a lunch break, but she will be exhausted from dancing. I will be exhausted from sitting and trying to find something to do. I usually knit, but a person can knit only so many hours at a time without cramping.