Thursday, September 04, 2008


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  • Barracudas are fearless marine fish known for their fierceness and ambush style hunting. They lie in wait and catch their prey by surprise.
  • Barracudas have a large mouth filled with teeth that look like tiny daggers.
  • Great barracudas don't nurture their young.
  • Barracudas eat young barracudas.
  • Barracudas sometimes hunt in a group by herding small fish into shallow water.
  • Barracudas strike anything that moves.

With barracuda swimming around the Republican National Convention, McCain (There was a moment there that she got so excited, I think she forgot she was not the presidential nominee. Did you notice?) and the rest of the country should know the predator. Information is good. More information is better. Becky has great links, too, as usual.

I'll leave you with the lyrics of Kris Kristofferson's song Killer Barracuda which I got from here. You should hear Helen Reddy singing it.

Look into water, see the barracuda
Patient as the devil
Hanging still
Like a shadow in the water
Pretty barracuda,
Dagger of the devil
Waiting to kill

Little girl beware, of killer barracuda
He rules these waters like a king
He'll cut your heart out slicker than a dagger
Not 'cause he's hungry 'cause he's mean

You can see the shark now
Glidin' through the water
Ugly as death.
Eats anything
But the pretty barracuda, don't touch no leavins
Takin' what he wants to
'cause he's king
And you can't scare him or entice him
He won't move for the devil, 'til his own time
Then quicker than heartbeat
He'll turn you away girl just to
See you fall, and leave you dyin'

Little girl beware of the killer barracuda
He rules these waters like a king
He'll cut your heart out slicker than a dagger
Not 'cause he's hungry
'cause he's mean

Barracuda information provided by these fine sites.


zilla said...

Well done!

Becky said...

Brilliant :).

I came over here to get the URL so I could include it in my next post and found the kind mentions, thanks, w.

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...
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Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...


Bless Palin for uniting us.

Came over thanks to Zilla's link.


(The special needs information really choked me.)

Anonymous said...

and I guess that means you still have power. Or have power again. Or are otherwise okay despite whatever weird weather has been coming through lately. (or has it only been weird politicians coming through?)

alpharat said...

Zilla pointed me over here as well; it's good to see so many people are seeing what should be obvious to all.

Wisteria said...

Jove, Yes. We are all safe and sound. I suppose I should have posted that first, but Gustav turned out to be a non-event for us. Many people are still without power south and west of here, but we only had a few flickers. Okay, maybe a couple of hours. There has been an enormous amount of rain. Some places were getting 10 and 12 inches in a day. We weren't dry before, so now we're down right sloppy.

I did lose internet, though it doesn't take a hurricane for that.

I am amazed that I was able to stun zilla into writing only two words response.

Ange and alpharat, thanks for stopping by. Hope you come back. I do think it is funny she is playing the special needs card when she line item vetoed money for the special needs school.

Kate in NJ said...

I think you hit the barracuda on the head and really I am starting to think that McCain chose her because he is aware he will not win anyway and just wants to entertain me(yes..I am very self-centered).

das said...

There are approximately 25 species of barracuda. The best known is the great barracuda, which are usually hunted for game. A great barracuda can grow up to 1.8 meters (6 ft) long and it swims in the Atlantic from Florida to Brazil. The European barracuda and some others are known to attack humans for no apparent reason; however this is very rare.