Friday, February 24, 2006

Baby Chicks

Today our new baby chicks came in the mail! Having had some really bad luck last summer and this winter with critters(a hawk, two dogs, and a racoon) and weather (Katrina) I found there were only two hens and a rooster left this Spring and they are so skittish. We may get chicks from them and maybe not.

So with the impatience that plagues me, I ordered fifty chicks -- 25 Buff Catalanas and 25 Barred Rock. We have had Buff Catalanas for a few years and they are a wonderful dual breed bird. When they are not stressed, they lay beautiful whitish eggs and have good meat, as well. I got the Barred Rocks (everyone around here calls them Dominques or Dominikers, though there is a real Dominque breed that looks almost exactly like the Barred Rocks)because they are a better dual breed bird than the real Dominques. Aren't they cute!

Because of the trouble we had last summer, we have reconstructed an old calf feeder that is next to the barn and a few hundred feet from the back door. This new chicken house should provide better saftey for the chicks. I am only hoping for warmer weather until they feather. The building is somewhat drafty. I've rigged heat lamps and used cardboard boxes to shrink the inside footage. It should be enough.


griffin said...

Hey there, love your blog. We have raised and kept ducks in the past, but lost then to preditors last fall. I miss the fresh eggs and have been planning to get more poltry, I would love to hear your insights on raising chickens, if there are specific breeds you like and so on

Pam said...

I really love your blog--site. I admire your work with your children and with the farm--and working a public job too--wow!! I live in Decatur, TN--we have red clay too. I love it and sometimes when it's rains, I hate it--it's slippery. Good luck and thanks.

wisteria said...

Thanks! Red Clay is slippery and when we slip, the laundry is a nightmare!! Hope to see you around more often.